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About Us

Who we are?

Kacious Systems is a young, dynamic organization actively engaged in the sector of Hardware, Networking and services of Computer Devices and Software Application Development.

Kacious is a leading Hardware system developer specializing in USB & IO Device. Our products fully utilize PCs’ capabilities to enhance productivity. These products enhance personal productivity and create new applications that are more accessible and affordable for today’s PCs.

We recognize the importance of business relationship with highest integrity, true flexibility and excellence in execution while believing responsibilities beyond business, ensuring to operate in a transparent manner with our clients, partners and employees.

Why Kacious?

  We are the vendors for the clients like Gangadhar Meher Univercity, District Session Judge, Odisha Sashan, National Health Mission Assam, Sarva Shiksha Aviyan, S.C.R Medical College, Kendriya Bhandar & NCCF etc.

  We have the exports of IT and Hardware Networking Solution with their better experience in these lines and our Clients.

  We are having a strong Portfolio so we are Working with many Clients from Government Sector, semi-government Sector and many more Private Plants.

   We are been recognized as a Certified Company under the Government rules with ISO 9001/2008 by following the Standard Procudure of Government.

   We employ a diverse team of dedicated personnel and technical experts.

  Our Service and Supports Team for our clients will be delighted to help our Client with a Service 24/7.



There is a growing demand for IT product maintenance and services due to ever changing of technology and after warranty expiry services. There is also a great dearth of quality and cost effective solution and services in the local market, Our Company is established to cater these requirement.



To earn and maintain the confidence, trust and loyalty of our esteemed customers. As we strongly believe that the customer for us is the king. The company wants to build a long term relationship with our clients and partners by providing high kind products and courteous services consistent with personalization.